036 Suspension part deux (January 2023)

Next on the hit list are the lower control arms for the back end.

Hey these look pretty complicated too! Some funny intersecting angles and lots of notching required.

Again we use a jig to ensure that everything gets lined up properly. Here I have the 4 bushing tubes clamped in place, now I just need to make the zig-zaggy tubes.

The first order of business is to notch all the outer tubes. They have bushing tubes on both ends and are pretty straight forward to notch.

I hot glued a couple particle core strips down to align the outer tubes.

Both ends of the are fitting nicely. I’m using scrap 3/16″ plate to space the tube up off the jig as it is smaller diameter than the bushing tubes.

Cutting the acute angles for the cross brace was challenging. The cut was so long that the waste piece inside the hole saw was bottoming out. I had to back the tube out, cut off the waste piece with the angle grinder, and reengage the work piece to finish the cut. The results were very good.

I relocated the particle core guides to the outside of the tubes because they were interfering with the diagonal brace (of course). Things are fitting very well!

A trip to the welding shop and everything is tacked together. I will wait till I have all of the control arms tacked together before fully welding them. I need more time to get my nerve up LOL.


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