015 and so it Begins… (April 2021)

Well the day has finally arrived to move all the stuff that I have been making into the garage and start building the car! I warned you up front that it would take a while to get to this point.

Picking up the steel to start the build.

Moving everything to the garage, my son Erik lending a hand.

The first time the bench has seen the light of day. Making adjustments to level the bench and ensure that the top is flat.

Top on the bench and the cutting table stowed in parked position. In this configuration I can still fit one car in the garage overnight. I pull the cutting table into the open side of the garage if I am going to work on the Locost. I am working half time so my time in the shop is not unlimited.

This is the start of the build with the first frame tubes being cut and clamped on the bench. All of the work over the winter making stuff is really paying off. The cut tubes are accurate in length and angle. They are lining up perfectly on the bench. Happy days!

The first tubes being cut and positioned on the table. Includes my daughter Emily, the videographer, buzzing around.

The end of day 1 and all of the base tubes are cut, clamped, and waiting to be tacked. There is a long period of time building the frame where it is only tack welded. In fact, the frame is pretty much complete before you fully weld it.

This has been a very productive day. At this rate the car should be done in a couple weeks! LOL


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