005 Chop Saw Upgrade (November 2020)

Nothing like using a tool to see if it is suitable for the job.

The Rage 2 has some significant short comings. Adjustment of the miter is cumbersome, an Allen screw needs to be loosened, the miter set manually using the scale (no presets) and then locked down.

There is no quick release on the clamp, it must be wound out by hand in order to change the size of material clamped or change miter setting. I was using a small framing square to set 45 degree miters accurately, this required the clamp to be wound out all the way in order to get the square in position.

The base of the unit is pretty light sheet metal, it could be much sturdier. All things considered I decided an upgrade was called for.

Enter the replacement…

The Evolution S380 CPS. A major upgrade that is well worth the difference in price.

It has cast metal base, miter with lock down for several different angles and a quick release clamp. A much sturdier design overall.

It comes with a 14 inch steel cutting blade but can accept a 15 inch blade.



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