004 Building my First Vehicle (November 2020)

Ok, so a welding cart is not really a vehicle but it does have a frame and wheels so it is a step in the Locost direction.

It’s good to start with a plan. In this case I have gone with PAD (Pencil Aided Design) for the welding cart rather than CAD. I will have to go digital sooner or later…

Cutting components for the frame with the chop saw (two at a time) to ensure matching pieces are identical. I am using 1″ square 16 ga. tubing – the same material used in the Locost frame.

Bottom frame welded together. Keeping things flat is more difficult then getting them square. A steel welding table to clamp the tubes on would be a great help.

Starting to look like the plan!


Something to attach the wheels to.

Stitching the bottom shelf to the frame.

Checking the fit.

Wheel detail – nice weld!

Capping off all the open tubes, a lot of angle grinder work required.

The tank holder slips over the two horns to secure the tank.

Into the basement paint shop for primer and paint. This was a bit of a disaster as Tremco rust paint is oil based and really smells up the house. Battle ship grey was applied in the garage despite the cool weather.

Ready to roll.

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