027 Paint by Numbers (November 2021)

The last thing to do for the season is to get a coat of paint on the frame so it won’t rust. Before that can happen it needs to get cleaned up. So the frame gets muscled around the garage and the angle grinder/wire brush wheel combo gets a work out. Along the way I found the odd weld that was missed and fix them. I also added a gusset to support the front upper suspension brackets where they overhang the back of the frame tube. Thanks for that bit of advise Herman.

I put the frame in the side yard so that I could try a small spot blaster to clean up some hard to reach spots.

I went through three bottles of abrasive pretty quickly but it seemed to work pretty well. Before and after shots.

Paul headed down from Barrie with his HVLP spray gun to paint the frame. I bought a gallon of weldable primer that should prevent rusting and can be welded through where required next season. The primer seemed pretty thin even when all the thick goo in the bottom was stirred up. Paul put on two coats and the gun worked very well. There was very little over spray and we only used about 1/3 of the gallon of paint, enough left for two more cars!

It looks terrific, Paul did a great job! A coat of paint makes everything look better, even my welds! We stood around admiring it until we started shivering – it was pretty chilly.

Gratuitous frame photos follow:


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