Northlight Scanner
Forge/MTI Software

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NorthLight Scanner from FilmLight
Meticulously maintained and up graded
State of the art pin registered scanner
35mm scanning 2k 4k 6k (6k samplling for all)
16mm scanning 2k 3k (3k sampling for all)
IR Dirt detection
Built in 16 & 35mm Key Code readers
Dedicated Computer with filmlight software
Air Applitec Inc. VL630 Dust hood
Under service Contract

Visit the Filmlight website

Visit the Air Applitec website

"Forge" software by The Foundry
Dedicated Dual Optron 2.85 computer
Running Red Hat Linux
5TB local storage
Applies automatic dirt paint out using NorthLight Infrared dirt identification technology.

Visit the Foundry website

"Correct" software by MTI
Dedicated Dual Xenon 3.06 Computer
Running Windows XP
5TB local storage
HD Resolution Monitor
Does manual dirt paint out using motion estimation and tracking. Does digital repair on film scratches etc.

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Scanner with 16mm reels in place. Changeover from 16 to 35mm takes less than 5 minutes.
Scanner with Air Applitec dust hood.
2 rack mounted computers for Forge and Correct software.
HD Resolution Monitor

Film Input Equipment

"Prista" film cleaner by San Lab Systems
State of the art film cleaner
35mm and 16mm
Surface dust removed by 6 PTR's
Sonic agitation further cleans film
Film dried and polished by 4 soft nap buffers

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"Prista" film cleaner.
Film Cleaning
Key Code Logging

Custom built film winder with built-in DigiSync key code reader from FilmLab for logging film prior to putting film up on the scanner.
System logs key code directly to computer to be incorporated into DI database. Data base included with package.

Visit the DigiSync Website

Custom built rewinder with built-in DigiSync key code reader.
Complete NorthLight 1 scanning system for 35mm and 16mm film. Scanner with IR detection and Forge software for automatic dirt paint out, also includes MTI “Correct” software for damaged film repair and manual dirt paint out. Prista film cleaner from San Lab Systems to ensure the cleanest film possible goes onto the scanner. Custom film winder with built in Digisync key code reader allows film to be quickly logged off the scanner to a project database to confirm shots, EDL etc. A complete package for scanning for features or commercials. All equipment is fully functional and in pristine condition.