BaseLight IV

Christie DS+4k

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BaseLight IV from FilmLight
State of the color grading system
5 Computer (dual processor) Linux cluster.
Complete TrueLight calibration system
Real time 2k playback
"Black Board" interface for efficient workflow
Primaries, secondaries, tracking, matting etc.
20TB dedicated storage
Full HD-SD video I/O capability
Audio playback with picture
TrueLight Calibration Probe
Always maintained on service contract

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DS+4k from Christie
1400 X 1050 DLP 3 chip projector
1000w Lamp (approx. 350 hrs on bulb)
Compatible with TrueLight calibration system

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BaseLight IV with blackboard and full video I/O capability.
Christie DS+ 4k projector
Image projected by Christie DS+ 4k in grading suite. Projector being driven by BaseLight IV.

BaseLight Grading Equipment

Complete BaseLight IV (20 TB dedicated online storage) system. BaseLight IV works on full 2k or 4k files. Ideally suited to the DI work flow, reels can be conformed/checked against off-line color graded on BaseLight IV. The system is fully capable of video input and output from sources ranging from DVcam, Betacam SP and Digital Betacam right up to HDCam SR. Offline tapes can be ingested for conform and check tapes laid off for approval. Grading can be done for a film or video finish. TrueLight calibrates displays for film or video colour space. For film finish projects, video deliverables can be mastered and layed off to tape.
The BaseLight package we have put together will allow you to work on video or film finish projects, bring in and lay off all formats of video, store the data and back up the finished project. All equipment is fully functional and in pristine condition.